Meet Ferdinand Omanyala’s wife Laventa Amutavi

Sprinter Ferdinand Omanyala and his wife, Laventa Amutavi, stand out as one of Kenya’s most admirable couples, setting relationship goals for many.

Their journey, from meeting in the athletics arena to becoming parents and partners in both life and sport, is a testament to their enduring love and mutual support.

Speaking in an interview with Trudy Kitui, Laventa Amutavi detailed how she met her husband, their friendship journey, struggles, and eventual success.

Laventa recalls their first encounter at an athletics event in Nairobi back in 2016. Omanyala, transitioning from rugby to athletics, caught her eye with his remarkable performance and charisma.

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They crossed paths again in Eldoret and later in Nakuru, where their initial interactions sparked mutual interest.

Despite initial reservations, they eventually exchanged numbers and began their journey as friends.

“Tulipatana kwa athletics… I think it’s destiny. In 2016 I went to a competition in Nairobi and Omanyala came to the scene. He had just transitioned from rugby to athletics, and he came with a bang… He was a new handsome man. Later that year we met again in Eldoret, and he somehow noticed me. We didn’t even talk or anything but I thought he was such a show-off.

“Then we met again in Nakuru for company games. We met at a Kibanda. Then we bumped into each other on the counter nikienda kulipa bill and he requested my number. I took his instead but I Never called. Three months later we bumped at Kasarani and he requested my number again. I felt guilty so later that day I texted him… that’s how our friendship developed,” she said.

Their friendship evolved slowly, with Ferdinand persistently pursuing Laventa’s affection despite initial reservations on her part.

Laventa Amutavi admits to initially friend-zoning Ferdinand, skeptical of his intentions and questioning why a seemingly handsome man would be single.

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However, Ferdinand’s sincerity and patience eventually won her over, leading to a transition from friends to lovers.

“Tulisumbuana. Unajua ile usha friendzone msee for a very long time and he’s like I want you to be my girlfriend. I was like you must be kidding me. How can a handsome guy like you hana dem? I was not convinced… It took a long period of him just talking and me building the trust in him before I agreed to date him,” she said.

Transitioning from friendship to romance was not without its challenges. Laventa recalls the difficulties of merging their lifestyles and adjusting to each other’s quirks and preferences.

“Life as lovers was difficult. This was the only relationship that I got into on a honeymoon yetu ikafade out haraka. When we continued to know each other better we found out certain things we didn’t like about each other because he was like I don’t like this and I was also like I don’t like this,” she said.

Yet, amidst the disagreements and adjustments, their bond grew stronger as they learned to communicate effectively and compromise.

“Tukaanza kuvuraganavurugana. Tukakosana kosana.. In between kila mtu aliadjust. Na ikaanza kuwa enjoybale. It was good but tulikwaruzana, baadae tukaelewana na ikakuja ikakuwa smooth because now we could communicate better with each other,” she said.

Their relationship took a significant turn when Laventa discovered she was pregnant. Initially shocked, they faced the unexpected news with resilience and determination.

Omanyala attributes much of his success to Laventa’s support during the challenging times.

Working tirelessly, Laventa Amutavi juggled multiple jobs to sustain their family while ensuring Omanyala could focus on his athletic training and other small jobs.

“I finished my final semester, got employment and after some time we moved to Nairobi and started living together. I worked until the Eve of giving birth… Within that period I kept on looking for locums na yeye pia alikuwa anafanya job zingine za ajabu. He used to hustle here and there. After five months of kulea mtoi nikapata job tena… So I used to do night shifts. The money was not enough so I got another job after eight months.

“I used to juggle the two jobs. My main job and the locums. So naenda job Karen, narudi home, naona mtoi for an hour nafreshen up naenda Mama Lucy. And that’s how we used to survive and at least the double salary ilikuwa inasustain our family, and feed ourselves and make sure that he goes to training. I think that’s what anahold closely.

Her determination to provide for their family, even during challenging times, shows support for her husband’s dreams and their shared future.

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