KRG The Don Biography, Age, Cars, Baby Mamas, Children & Net Worth

KRG the Don, born Karuga Kimani is a Kenyan entertainer, influencer, entrepreneur, and dancehall artist. On top of that, he has described himself as one of the richest musicians in Kenya citing he made his first million at age 17 years.

Despite being a musician, he hasn’t been active in the music industry instead, he has shifted his attention to social media where he flaunts his flamboyant lifestyle as well as family. Additionally, he recently joined hands with close friend Dufla to launch “Off Radar Show,” a youtube channel podcast.

Following his flashy lifestyle many people have linked him with the “wash wash” industry citing his source of wealth is unclear.

In this article, we highlight some of the businesses linked to him that earn him a lucrative income. On top of that, we will also look at his personal life including his scandals with baby mamas and fellow musicians.

KRG Age and Place of Birth

The Don was born on Jan 14th, 1991 in Nairobi Kenya to an Indian mother and a Kikuyu father.

KRG The Don Divorce

The billionaire divorced his wife after she apparently cheated on another man and according to Don was spending time with lowlifes.

He received rumors that she, Linah Wanjiru, was planning to sell her Audi vehicle which was a gift from him. Don responded to this by taking back the car and in an online spur said that his ex-wife was depressed and broke.

KRG the Don Career

Music Career

Kimani Karuga alias KRG the Don began his musical journey at the age of 16, and being raised in an able background he was able to afford studio time at that time. After completing his education he joined a Djeeing class before venturing fully to the Dancehall arena.

The “Mambo Imechemka” hitmaker has released numerous singles including major collaborations with local artists such as Kaligraph Jones, Boondocks, Sailors, and others. His track dubbed “Summer  Time” was one of the hits that introduced him perfectly to his audience giving them a glimpse of what he can offer.

As of 2023, he has released over 14 singles and he has hopes of releasing an album soon. His latest Jam “Mambo Imechemka” is currently a national anthem and it’s doing great on the social media channel. He is also the pioneer of the “Mambo Imechemka” slang.

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KRG Businesses

KRG is among the celebrities who flaunt what they own on their social media platforms. Following his flashy lifestyle on social media and high-end lunch handouts, people concluded he was among the “wash wash” community.

However, the musician has defended himself from this claim in different interviews citing he’s a legit businessman who has invested in different sectors. Below are some of the businesses linked to KRG the Don.

Killion Group is a construction company based in Kenya and owned by KRG. The company deals with the construction of roads and building together. On top of that, he has also ventured into the transport sector where he owns a transport company that operates under Wallstreet Corporation. 

The company offers commercial lorries such as trailers and tippers. In a recent interview, he disclosed his tippers were among the lorries that supplied ballast during the construction of SGR.

Aside from construction, he has also invested in the tours and travel business, owning a company by the name of Taraja Safaris. The company focuses more on ticketing, safaris as well as car hire.  The young business tycoon also owns an exquisite Barbershop and Salon in Kilimani.

KRG Baby Mamas

KRG’s baby mama scandals are always on the same page, in early 2020, KRG and his wife separated and decided to settle their differences online. The ex-wife is believed to have cheated on Don with another man who turned out to be “Mbogi Ngenje’s” manager.

The online punches went on and on it concluded with KRG reclaiming an Audi Q7 he had acquired for her. Recently one of his exes came out with a 19-year-old girl claiming that the child was his.

Responding to the claims, KRG cited that he won’t accept and he won’t deny and he’ll take full responsibility for he the real father of the girls.

KRG The Don Car & Property

In his wealth portfolio, The Don owns several expensive cars including Range Rovers, a Chrysler 300C, and Land Cruiser VX V8. He also owns land in parts of the country including Naivasha.

KRG Net Worth

In an Interview with Dr. Ofweneka KRG cited that he was worth Ksh 5 billion. Being Ksh 5 billion.

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