Lucy Gatimu Mpesa Full After KoT Bully directed by Otero Went Wrong.

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The predicament of one Lucy Gatimu who had asked for help then got insulted by a twitter bully has captured the hearts of online users leading to a massive fund drive. Lucy Gatimu asked for help and a Twitter bully abused her, then KOT came to her rescue

Otero, in the tweet, rallied fellow Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) to spare as little as Ksh.600 bob out of their drinking budgets to buy shoes or bags for needy school-going children.


Ms. Gatimu then took to the comment section pleading with Otero to “start with me” said two of her daughters are in need of extra uniform but she is unable to raise the money since whatever she makes from doing people’s laundry isn’t enough.

Otero, in response, told her to sell the phone she was using to tweet and buy the kids the spare uniform, then buy a cheaper phone with the balance.

Gatimu, seemingly hurt by the response, apologized if her request had angered Otero saying she had no bad intentions “by asking for help.”

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Otero, who boasts over 63,000 Followers on Twitter, then put his foot further in his mouth and rudely told her off telling her to “tumia akili shenz type”, loosely translated to “use your brain, stupid.”

Lucy Gatimu, a mother of three who earns a living by doing other people's laundry. PHOTO | COURTESY
Lucy Gatimu, a mother of three who earns a living by doing other people’s laundry.

The response by the perceived Twitter Z ‘bigwig’ angered a section of KOT, with most of them castigating him for ‘abusing’ somebody who was genuinely seeking help.

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