Senior Counsel Lawyer Fred Ngatia Career, Net Worth

Senior Counsel Lawyer Fred Ngatia

The International legal research company, Chambers Global in 2011 named Senior counsel Lawyer Fred Ngatia as one of the top legal minds in Kenya.

The seasoned lawyer has polished his reputation as a revered legal brain in Kenya. He has a vast clientele who attach their hope to the notion that the top class legal processional rarely loses a case.

The esteemed lawyer charges a legal fee that scares common mwananchi away. 

The fact that he was the lawyer to the former Internal Security Minister George Saitoti whispers his legal know-how. When the late minister was linked to the Goldenberg scandal, Mr. Ngatia jumped in and successfully represented him.

Senior Counsel Lawyer Fred Ngatia
Senior Counsel Fred Ngatia

Arguably, Lawyer Fred Ngatia’s presence helped protect Saitoti’s charming reputation from chipping.

How much does he make per case? 

When Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) was involved in a case with billionaire businessman Kamlesh Pattni’s company, Lawyer Fred Ngatia demanded Ksh 290 million-part of kes384 million to defend the authority.

In a bid to defend the oceanic fees, the intellectual brain stated that the fee was inclusive of other fees demanded by other lawyers that KAA had initially hired.

Senior Counsel Lawyer Fred Ngatia
Senior Counsel Fred Ngatia

Presidential Petition (2013, 2017)

The seasoned lawyer successfully represented Uhuru Kenyatta in a petition filed by the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD). In line with reports, lawyers hired to defend Uhuru’s win pocketed Ksh 300 million from the high profile case. Fred Ngatia being a senior lawyer must have soared home with a lion’s share.

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Unlike Ahmednasir Abdullahi, Lawyer Fred Ngatia is a wealthy lawyer who prefers to trim down on flamboyance. Blogger Robert Alai once claimed that the energetic and vibrant upper hill building belongs to Lawyer Fred Ngatia.

From a closeful look, Lawyer Fred Ngatia’s wealth is estimated to be north of Ksh 700 million.

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