Smiles In DP Ruto’s Camp As Kenyan Lawyer Destroys BBI With Powerful Statements

Kenyan Lawyer Destroys BBI With Powerful Statements

Firebrand constitutional lawyer PLO Lumumba has given his opinion hours after details of the Building Bridges Initiative were made public. In several tweets today morning, the lawyer joined other Kenyans who are against the suggestion by the BBI.

Lumumba tweeted that the BBI initiative, being spearheaded by Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga, focuses more on creating unnecessary job positions rather than focusing on the welfare of Kenyans.

For example in his latest tweet, he calls the BBI a serpent, because what those who were advocating for it said is totally opposite from what is in the report.

Lawyer Lumumba backs his words against BBI by saying that it will add more miseries to taxpayers who are already paying more than they can. On another late morning tweet, the renowned lawyer prefers Ekuru Aukot’s “Punguza Mzigo” initiative to BBI.

He says that after reading the report, Aukot’s initiative is better because it was more focused, more radical and better for Kenya.

However, he acknowledged that there were few good recommendations in the drive. According to him, the recommendations could be a achieved through the Kenya Law reform.

“There are few useful recommendations in the Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Bill, 2020 which Kenya Law Reform could have done. I want to be schooled on how renaming offices and institutions immunize Kenya from chaos and help in service delivery,” reads the tweet. Various other tweets from the lawyer strongly oppose the amendment of what has been written.

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The tweets could be a big win for the deputy president William Ruto who has been against the reforms from the first day. Other lawmakers had also been instrumental in leading Kenyans to reject it.

Kipchumba Murkomen is a perfect example. He’s been mobilising thousands of followers on social media to vote against it.

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