Enough! Kiunjuri Breathes Fire to Uhuru Warns He Won’t Tolerate Any Attacks From Him

Kiunjuri Breathes Fire

Enough is Enough Former Agriculture CS Mwangi Kiunjiri hits at President Kenyatta During a Church Service. The Service Party leader has warned Uhuru that He won’t tolerate His attacks anymore.

He argues that President Kenyatta Fired Him over his Reasons and Now He wants To defame Him. Angry Kiunjuri warned that For Every action there will be a Reaction.

Maangi Kiunjuri was sacked last Year in January During a cabinet reshuffle and His Docket was Taken Over by Peter Munya

“I warned you that in every action there will be a reaction. You fired me without any particular reason. I will no longer tolerate your attacks.” ~ Former Agriculture CS Mwangi Kiunjuri warns President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Things seemed to be getting rough and Kiunjuri has Declared that He must be respected and urged President Kenyatta To stop insinuating that He failed in Delivering of His Duties.

His Remarks comes while The head Of state is meeting Mount Kenya leaders drawn From about Ten Counties in effort to unite them to Support Building Bridges initiative and solidifying His Base.

Today He met over 600 Youths From Central Kenya They challenged them to use their numerical strength to chart a bright future for Kenya and cautioned them against being misled into misapplying the advantage they hold.

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