“I Waste Half of My Money on Loose Women” Mzee Kibor


86-year old Kenyan politician and multi-billionaire Jackson Kibor now says he has no regrets wasting half of his money on loose women as that is the source of his happiness.

In a statement, the retired politician brags of how his immense wealth has earned his numerous women around the globe. Kibor hilariously stated “Ile kitu inaharibu vijana ni pombe. Mimi ninaeza ambia vijana watafute mali na wanawake watawaubudu” loosely translated to “What is spoiling our youths is alcohol.

I urge young men to look for wealth and women will worship them” Jackson has advised men to bolt out of unpromising marriages and relationships instead of waiting for “disaster to strike”.

He further talks of how he still has the energy to attend to his wives, the same way a twenty-something-year-old would attend to his girlfriend because he eats healthily. “Poor lifestyles lead to shorter life spans.

Eat healthy foods, including traditional vegetables, and avoid alcohol if you want to live long,” said Kibor. Jackson, 86, has been married three times, and divorced twice.

He formally ditched his second wife in October 2017, and the third wife in December 2018. The love drama that erupted around Kibor earned him the moniker “chairman”.

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