“Abenny Jachiga are Such Luos the Likes of Jalango and his boysclub. Umalaya! umalaya!” Kenyans Destroy Musician Over the Poor State of his Rural House.

Abenny Jachiga

It is now 2 days after the death of Ohangla artist Abenny Jachiga who was one of the most celebrated Luo artists in Kenya. However, there has been chaos in his rural home in the past 24 hours between the authorities and his fans who have been demanding a decent send-off for Jachiga.

The police were forced to bury the body of him were late at night to avoid chaos from the angry crowd who have been making the process to be difficult.

In the midst of all these shambles, various photos showing the housing condition in Jachiga’s rural home surfaced online forcing Kenyans to raise concerns as to why the departing Ohangla artist could not afford a decent housing despite having a prolific and admirable career.

Late Abenny jaChiga

On their Twitter handles, Kenyans roasted Jachiga some claiming that he should have reciprocated his success to his rural home and at least build a decent house for himself.

“Late Abenny Jachiga is a good example of those who have money in town, boast around with expensive cars and houses while back at home the situation is worse. This is an embarrassment. Jachiga was a millionaire but could not build a decent house. Kazi ni pombe na wasichana,” I follow back all wrote.

“It is a lesson we ought to learn. who will pay rent next month next year for his kids and wife,” Arony stated.

“Those calling for decent and respectful burial of Abenny Jachiga, the Luo Ohangla ‘king’ should understand that he didn’t respect himself when he was alive. Despite earning decently from music he couldn’t build a good house,” Daisy_k penned.

“Living happy fake life only to die and leave your generation to suffer is wrong,” I FOLLOW BACK ALL penned.

Abenny Jachiga died from witchcraft. He was fucking someone’s wife. Even Agha Khan hospital in Kisumu couldn’t treat him, transfered to St Jairus hospital in Riat where he died. He failed to listen to Amerix on not dating someone’s wife. Most Luo ohangla musicians are prostitutes

Abenny Jachiga, the Luo ohangla ‘king’, was a millionaire but chose to drink expensive alcohol & fucking people’s wives but couldn’t build a decent house for himself/his mama. Now his 5 kids & wife are left in messy poverty as he was ‘enjoying life with his money’. Bure kabisa.

Abenny Jachiga are such Luos the likes of Jalango and his boysclub. Umalaya! umalaya! umalaya! No wonder HIV is sweeping them around Kisumu and lake Victoria region. That lake was to support your livelihoods, not sex sanctuary with even married women or widows of HIV victims

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