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Kenyan Man Lands Himself Into a Beating for Drinking and Driving

Kenyans welcomed President Uhuru Kenyatta’s speech dated Saturday, May 1, 2021, with huge smiles with traffic police rules.

There is a delight in the fact that cessation of movement into and out of the zoned areas has finally been relaxed. This directive followed a drop in the number of covid-19 cases.

The head of state stirred the nation with excitement when he further mentioned that bars can now operate up to 7 pm.

With such excitement looming atop the nation, a particular individual thought it right to down a bottle of alcohol, thereafter drive his way home.

His world was a fantasy of dreams not until traffic police noticed that he was driving while heavy on alcohol.

The drunkard claimed that it was unlawful for the traffic police to take the car key from him. At this point, he started grabbing the traffic police demanding to be taken exclusively to the Karen Police station.

The onlookers would soon notice that his behavior pattern was out of the ordinary, all in line with the heavy consumption of alcohol that had long blurred his reasoning.

It wasn’t long until the police lost his cool, dispensing a beating onto the drunk driver, sending him right to the ground.

With President Uhuru’s speech offering up a directive for the bars to resume their normal operations, it doesn’t make sense to drink while drunk.

Safe to say, drinking and driving are of utmost ignorance.

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Written by Senior Editor