Kanu Makes Inroads In Mt.Kenya For Registration Of More Members.


KANU the party is now registering new members within the Mt. Kenya region. The registration will be undertaken digitally to avert any instances of infection of COVID-19. According to the Regional Chairman, John Mukirai the party was embracing technology in all aspects with the party register being updated.

The official was speaking at a consultative meeting for all the party officials from the region, where they indicated that the party is in full support of the contents and aspirations of the BBI.

He said those opposed to the BBI were unpatriotic and need to re-read the document.“As we start implementing the contents of this document, we will also be ensuring the realization of the Big 4 agenda that our party leader has since started,” the official told the meeting.

Tharaka-Nithi KANU Party Branch Chairman, Peter Ndatho reminded the Muranga Senator, Irungu Kang’ata that his (Ndathos) county was not an extension of Meru as he had erroneously insinuated.

“With due respect to Senator Kang’ata, he should know that Tharaka is among the 47 constitutionally established counties in Kenya and as such its people should be accorded and treated with the utmost respect they deserved,” Ndatho maintained.

Wangechi Githinji was later on introduced as the regional Women League chairperson for the party. As the President endeavors to leave a unified country in 2022, Wangeci asked women to support the government’s development agenda.

The Local KANU Party chairman and Host, Ngure Gathungu said unlike other political outfits, KANU was the only party that had remained visible after consecutive elections. It had also remained relevant throughout the country.

He said, “Whenever general elections come along, many parties emerge for the purpose of securing political power only to fizzle out once such an outfit forms the government”.

The Embu County Chairman and Regional Secretary, Dick Mukono said the vote-rich area was fully behind Senator Moi and was only waiting for his signal to get started.

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