BREAKING, In Justus Murunga Burial Case As Widows Demand an Absurd Amount From Ms. Wangui.

Justus Murunga Burial Case

The death of Matungu Member of Parliament Justus Murunga has raised a storm in his family that does not seem to be ending soon. The legislator tragically passed away in his home after collapsing.

On being taken to the nearest hospital, they were referred elsewhere as the hospital did not have oxygen. It was later revealed that he passed away due to Covid19.

The family is now battling a court case with a lady who claims to have been Mr. Justus Murunga’s mistress. Agnes Wangui was granted court orders stopping the burial of Mr. Murunga whom she claimed she had been in a long-term relationship.

The court order stopped the November 28th burial of the late lawmaker until DNA is collected from his body to put to test Ms. Wangui’s assertions that Justus Murunga had sired her two children. Ms. Wangui also wants her two children to be involved in their father’s burial.

Justus Murunga
Justus Murunga’s Family

The two widows, Christabel and Grace Murunga are now demanding a Ksh 10 million security from Agnes Wangui for stopping the burial. According to the two, the family has gone into great expense planning the funeral, and postponing it indefinitely will be at a great financial loss.

Through an affidavit, the widows have declared that they have no problem with the collection of DNA exercise but the petitioner, Ms. Wangui, will have to finance the process. They also claimed not to know of Ms. Wangui’s existence before Mr. Justus Murunga passed away.

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