Kenyans Angrily React After Junet Mohammed Reveals That The BBI is an ODM Document.

Junet Mohammed

Kenyans have on Wednesday evening penned down angry reactions on social media after Orange Democratic Movement National Chairman Junet Mohammed’s contentious remarks about the Building Bridges Initiative document.

In an interview with KTN Suna East Member of Parliament Hon, Junet Mohammed has disclosed that “The BBI is a document of the Orange Democratic Movement [ODM] party.”

” BBI is a product of the Handshake and the handshake is between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga. Raila Odinga is the party leader of ODM and they are the ones who have produced the BBI. So how are we going to be used on our document? BBI belongs to us as ODM, it’s our project, it’s our document,” the Suna East MP has said.

Junet Mohammed

“So who is using the ODM, maybe it is ODM using other people. It is our document. The BBI is an ODM document, I can tell you the truth” Junet Mohammed added.

However, the remarks by Junet Mohammed has not wowed Kenyans with some penning angry reactions as follows;

Patrick: And this is why it’s getting so much resistance. ODM if you don’t watch out you will regret this. Uhuru has set you up to chase your tail. ni hayo tu!.

Junet Mohammed

Eves: Apeleke ukora uko, they will fail in Election as long as their dictatorship is progressing.

Amadi: Then I’m no longer going to vote Yes for it, I thought it was a document by Kenyans for Kenyans, didn’t know it belonged to a Party indication that it has ill motives.

Junet Mohammed

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