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Jubilee MP Arrested After Exposing “Govt Secrets” On Coronavirus.

MP John Kiarie

Dagoretti South MP, John Kiarie is a troubled man after sending a series tweets concerning the status of the Coronavirus Pandemic in the country.

On Sunday evening, Kiarie was summoned by officers from the Director of Criminal Investigation at Kabete Police Station.

The MP was grilled by the DCI over claims he made in the wee hours of March 29. Through his twitter page, he alluded that there are close to 7000 people in quarantine facilities in the country.

These people, he said, had flown in the country within the last 5 days and were currently isolated at Lenana School and Kinyanjui Technical Institute.

“We have 7,000 Kenyans in quarantine who arrived back between Wednesday and Sunday. In Dagoretti South Constituency, we are hosting them at Lenana School and Kinyanjui Tech. How they got there and the chaos therein is a story for another day,” wrote Kiarie on his twitter account.

KJ’s alarming twitter post

KJ, as he is popularly known, further stated that the government is lying to Kenyans about the real situation of the Coronavirus spread in the country. He claimed that the government is incapacitated to handle the mass infections from the disease.

“Kenya Government must forthwith communicate the gravity of the real situation without sugar coating anymore. Let Kenyans know how bad things are about to get. They will be better equipped to make personal decisions and put up with government decrees, measures and restrictions,” he further wrote

 Dagoretti South MP John Kiarie; (Photo Courtesy,)

“GoK MUST come out and admit that the government CANNOT handle what is coming alone. No drought, Bomb blast, Terror attack, Westgate, or disaster we have known before is anywhere close to what is coming. We need a “Kenyans for Kenyans” to the power of 100 to even barely survive!”

Other than the MP, other people who have been arrested for propagating alarming information on the disease are blogger Robert Alai and Cyprian Nyakundi.

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