After Marrying A Rich Man, I Saw This In My Husband’s Secret Room

After Marrying A Rich Man, I Saw This In My Husband’s Secret Room

Officially my name is Marie Louise. I am 28 years old and I am the mother of two little girls. I am married to Nicolas who is a successful businessman and also an influential man of the country.

Here at home, you can touch everything, go everywhere except this small room. It is personal and no one should enter it without my permission, not even you.

When he said that, I didn’t try to understand too much or ask too many questions because of the fact that by nature I’m not too curious.

We have been living together for 2 years and everything is going on well, he showered me with gifts and I really live in the opulence.

Until the day when our eldest daughter of 4 years disappeared in a mysterious way, despite several search notices and press releases on TV and radio, we did not find my daughter Maëva.

It became a big blow for me and I had a hard time finding myself after this tragic situation.

Truly, one midday lying on the sofa watching TV, I heard a voice like the voice of my daughter Maëva coming from the mysterious room of my husband Nicolas telling me:

Mum, it’s me Maëva, I haven’t left, I’m here, in the house.

At the beginning I said to myself these are hallucinations since I am still in shock at the disappearance of my daughter.

So I didn’t even pay attention and took my idea out there. The next day the same thing happened again but this time it was like Maëva my daughter called me to tell me to come and see in my husband’s secret room.

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I was scared, but my instinct as a desperate mother took over, so I went to Nicholas’ secret room and when I opened what I found was gruesome.

When I opened my husband’s secret room, I came across 3 mummified bodies of young girls including that of my daughter Maëva open mouth who are all vomiting money.

Yes, my husband sacrificed our daughter for a ritual of money and everything he owns comes from there. When I saw it I fell in the dark at the same time and I woke up in the hospital. I do not know what to do.

Should I denounce my husband the father of my only daughter who remains?

Should I keep it a secret and live with my husband in opulence knowing that his money is dirty and it is at the cost of my daughter’s life. Oubien should I get a divorce?

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