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How We Recovered Stolen Property Over a Year Ago

How We Recovered Stolen Property

This story happened approximately 4 years ago to me and my wife. We took a mortgage on our new house in a posh neighborhood of the Westlands, bought a new Toyota land cruiser, and in general, we were preparing for a life together as I had proposed to her.

Because of our lack of free time due to the hardworking to pay off the loan we didn’t have time for ourselves, nor for the abnormal amount of other things such as housework.

So we hired a maid and I thought it wise for my wife to vet the applicants before hiring anyone. My first impressions about her were good and we decided that she’s the person we will trust, and we handled our house keys because we were at work most of the time she came around to clean their house.

First few weeks she worked hard and always paid attention to detail and nicely cleaned our house from the bottom to the very top. My wife Julia also instructed her not to let anyone in and to always lock the door when she left.

After 6 months of her working there, strange things began to happen. Not in any other way, but things started to disappear (Stolen Property). It all started with small things like AA batteries which are barely noticeable missing.

But soon things graduated as phone chargers, kitchen knives, Plates, expensive perfumes and eventually the electrical gadgets started missing. My wife thought that she simply lost them, and thought that maybe we were having a problem with burglary.

Unfortunately, even when we reported to the police, no one would be caught. My wife recommended that we take a visit to Kiwanga Doctors. Soon the maid raised suspicion. But without any evidence, blaming her wasn’t in place.

Also, we found out on some social media, that she has got some serious debts. The spellbook
given to us by Kiwanga Doctors told us to install security cameras. And we didn’t tell the maid.

5 weeks forward and we had enough evidence to press charges on her as the things she stole
were valued at 200,000ksh. I got furious when my flash disk containing private documents as
well as some of my billing and my official work documents was stolen.

But we wanted her to get even more into the stealing so he can squish even the last cent out of her once we report to Police. One night, my spellbook given to me by Kiwanga Doctors gave me a dream.

The next morning, I came up with a plan. I told the maid that I and my wife will be gone for a week for a honeymoon and that we will be going by taxi so as not to pay extra money as airports charge for the parking.

This meant that our brand new Toyota land cruiser will stay parked in the house.
We rented an apartment just a few blocks away from our place and placed a GPS tracking system into the car so we could monitor the car through the phone app.

I then placed the car keys in a visible spot on the house so the maid will notice. After 2 days of almost constant watching the GPS tracker’s location, the car left the garage.

All of a sudden the car was cruising at 90MPH on the highway. We immediately called the police. They caught up with the maid something like 20 miles (30KM) away. We decided to press charges on the maid.

At the court, the maid told the judges we told her to drive the car to some “untold” location. But the tables turned. Our lawyer showed the court all of the video evidence of her stealing our property valued highly above Ksh200,000/=, so it was a crime.

She starting swearing and telling every single lie she could think of. The security had to
calm her down. She is facing 5 years in jail and she was charged Ksh250,000/= including all the stolen property.

A few days later police did a house check on her and most of the stolen stuff was

There were also some other things reported missing from other customers of her.

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