Mp Kimani Ngunjiri: How Uhuru Kenyatta Betrayed Jubilee Members.

Uhuru Kenyatta

When the Registrar of Political parties a while ago gazetted changes to the Jubilee Party’s National Management Committee at the behest of the party’s Secretary-General Raphael Tuju, we were able to read a clandestine political move.

Nonetheless, the real object of the political ploy remained hidden until another day when President Uhuru Kenyatta called for Jubilee-Senate Parliamentary Group Meeting.

The National Management Committee (NMC) is in a position to make decisions that the National Executive Committee (NEC) can’t overturn, thus composing a pro-kieleweke NMC would still have granted the toppling of the Senate Majority Leader as well as the Chief Whip.

However, the decision was hastily made and had gapping legal loopholes, thus the proponent had to go back to the drawing and re-strategize.

By ousting the Elgeiyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen who is also the Senate Majority and his Nakuru Counterpart and the Senate Chief Whip Susan Kihika, it means that leeway has been paved for the installation of NEC that would okay the merger between Jubilee Party and KANU. Senate Majority Leader and Chief Whip are by the virtue of their positions members of NEC.

Thief Uhuru Kenyatta

In spite of supporting government business on the floor of the house, these two were considered hostile to the establishment as they have stuck to the agreement that was made when Jubilee was formed.

Deputy President William Ruto was to support Uhuru’s presidency in both 2013 and 2017 and in turn, the Deputy President was given a promissory note of the same, what has happened today? The promissory note was a bouncing cheque.

That is how cynical some people can be. Mutahi Ngunyi has been advising us to read chapter eight, of the prince of those who by their crimes come to be princes.

In Africa, we have so many examples of such for instance Mobutu Sese Seko took the reins of power by physically removing Patrice Lumumba and thereafter ‘instilled political, financial and social discipline’ on the political class which resulted to the execution of the President and the Prime Minister.

Yes, by the virtue of his crimes and the arms of others Mobutu become the King of Zaire for 32 years. He renamed the nation Zaire from Congo, discourage Western culture, while all this was lip service to nationalism. He built the Gbadolite castle and christened it the Versailles, today it lies in ruins.

He himself is buried in a foreign land away from Congo, which is the end when one becomes the prince, in this case, the president, through wickedness.

There are laws that govern political parties in Kenya but because the rise of the Deputy Presidents sends chills down the spine of dynasties, empires that have held Kenya hostage for over half a century are regrouping to safeguard their interests. That’s why laws are being blatantly broken for the contraption of a political parties’ alliance that favour the dynasties.

They can tell us that they also came from poverty blah blah, but we know they are sitting on generational wealth. While our children and generations to come will have to struggle to make ends meet, the innocent inheritors won’t have to toil.

But this can’t be allowed to happen, Jubilee Party doesn’t belong to Uhuru Kenyatta, thirteen parties merged for the formation of Jubilee thus such as decision has to involve all stakeholders, again KANU wasn’t part of the parties that came together and campaigned for Uhuru Kenyatta’s Presidency not twice, but thrice.

We didn’t go into Jubilee as subordinates, we went in as equal partners. The schemes of the handshake, KANU, and now we are hearing of Wiper are illegal, but to the perpetrators, wickedness is a necessity to preserve their state capture.

It is clear that a parliamentary group meeting is necessary for the legitimacy of some decisions, but this is inconsequential to barons who wield power, government mercenary, and generational wealth.

Jomo Kenyatta left power to Daniel Moi, and as per a recent report by CIA, it was anticipated that since the then first family had accumulated a lot of wealth at the expense of the people, the people would have acted against the first family. When Moi came to power he offered the shield that Uhuru Kenyatta’s family needed to protect their wealth.

Kimani Ngunjiri Uhuru Kenyatta

When it came time for Moi to leave office as President he settled on Uhuru Kenyatta because Uhuru owed a favor to the outgoing president who had offered his family protection.

Now Moi needed that protection in order to safeguard what he had made as President. And most importantly, the elite Kikuyu of Jomo’s time wouldn’t have gone after Moi with Uhuru as the President.

Now Uhuru tenancy on the presidency is slowly grinding to its sunset and the same principles of Jomo – Moi succession; Moi – Uhuru succession applies here. Who is best suited to serve the interests of dynasties? Of course, the fear of DP being the one to take after Uhuru is palpable within all the cabals of dynasties.

It is clear dynasties just like our former colonial masters disdain the common man, the hustler. While we are fighting COVID-19, public resources for this course are being misappropriated through dynasties’ conduits. People are being forcefully evicted from their homes to pave way for the construction of a sewage treatment plant in the middle of a residential area.

Quarantine has been turned into money-milking sheds by the police, why wouldn’t they do it while their masters have shown them the way.

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