How to Get NSSF Statement

At the moment, NSSF Statement makes contribution statements available via three methods:

  1. Physically visiting the fund’s offices
  2. The online portal
  3. Mobile-based apps

The most recommended and efficient method to retrieve your statement is using the app and the self-service portal.

How to Check NSSF statement via mobile phone app

NSSF mobile app is available on both Android and IOS platforms. Download the app on the app store or play store

Here is the procedure:

  1. After installation, launch the app
  2. You will be prompted to create an offline credential using a password and username. Save the personal details by selecting ‘save offline login.’
  3. A notification, ‘Login saved,’ will appear, signaling a successful creation of login data.
  4. Click ‘ok.’
  5. Proceed and use the verified offline login details to access the app features.
  6. After successful login, you will be prompted
  7. Then go ahead and tap on ‘Add new member.’
  8. To continue at this point, you must have registered on the NSSF e-service. If registered, continue and input your e-service username and password plus the NSSF member’s number.
  9. If not cataloged into the NSSF e-service, click the button, ‘Not registered? Register. Include the details required, validate and save.
  10. A notification displayed as a ‘member created’ confirms successful registration. Click the ‘ok’ option.
  11. The app will then take you to a page where you will be prompted to select the indicated identity credentials.
  12. The app will redirect you to a new interphase layout that displays a member’s account and gives you various options to select. In this case, tap on ‘View statement.’
  13. Download the statement if prompted and view it from your device.


How to get the NSSF statement on the self-service portal

You must first be registered within the online portal to take advantage of the provisions of the web-based system.

Follow the steps below to access your e-statement.

  1. Launch the NSSF Self-Service portal on your browser.
  2. On the e-portal, click on the “Member self-service links “option.
  3. Hover and select the ‘NSSF contributions statement’ tab of the several links displayed.
  4. A statement’s account login page displays. Have an NSSF username and password to allow you to log in. After filling out the login details correctly, proceed and enable account privileges.
  5. After logging in, expect a welcome remark. Click on the provided link on the page to continue.
  6. After the page redirects you to your account, scroll to select the statement period you wish to access. Click on “Issue account.”

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