How To Check My NSSF Number Via Sms

The NSSF number protects Kenyan workers in both formal and informal sectors. I will take you step by step through how to get the number using your ID number and other details.

How to get an NSSF Number

Here is the procedure for how to get an NSSF number:

  1.     Log in to the NSSF official webpage.
  2.     Select the member’s section option.
  3.     Choose your employment status.
  4.     Click here to request an NSSF no.
  5.     An automatic display of your NSSF no is done after a while.

How to Get an NSSF Number via SMS

You may also want to know how to get the NSSF no via SMS. You can use the following procedure:

  1.     In the recipient field, type 6773.
  2.     In the message field, type NSSF.
  3.     Write your full names.
  4.     Type in your date of birth.
  5.     Type in the request for my NSSF number.


 How to Check NSSF Balance On Phone

How to check NSSF balance is one of the commonly asked questions. This information helps you make an informed decision on how much you should save to achieve your goals within a given number of years.

The process involved is quite simple, just as when you want to check NSSF status. Below is a detailed outline of how to check the NSSF balance on the phone:

  • Use the number 6773 to send NSSF as a message. You will then follow the instruction provided.
  • Type NSSF< leave space> NSSF No < leave space> Date of Full Birth Names, and send it to 6773. This data will be used to validate your legitimacy.

Checking the NSSF no in Kenya

When you register with the NSSF, you get issued an NSSF card that bears your name and NSSF no, among other details. This identifies you as an individual and helps you make your contributions easily.

If you have lost your NSSF card and need to retrieve your number for one reason or another, all you need is a computer or a mobile phone with a stable internet connection.

You can then check the NSSF online through the NSSF self-service portal. You can likewise contact the NSSF help team to retrieve your NSSF number.


NSSF registration will work well for you as a Kenyan citizen. Besides, it has various advantages that will always benefit you at the end of the tunnel. Get your NSSF no today to enjoy a better tomorrow.

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