How To Calculate The Weighted Cluster Points 

Here is how to calculate the weighted cluster points to check whether you qualify for admission to take a particular course at a Kenyan University or not.  Please note that this article is based on past admissions.

JAB has not released the cluster points for KCSE 2010 candidates at the time of publishing this article. It should therefore serve illustrative purposes ONLY.

How the Weight Cluster Points  are arrived at:

Every degree course at the University has the 4 (Four) subjects examined at the KCSE level which are considered most relevant for that course and these are called the core subjects. e.g. Bachelor of Medicine’s core subjects is English/Kiswahili, Math/Physics, Biology, and Chemistry.

KUCCPS Weighted Cluster Points Calculation JAB provides a list of cluster subjects for each university course usually during course revision at provincial headquarters.

To get the weight cluster points, you need to determine:

  1. The Raw Cluster Points
  2. Basic Aggregate point

Raw Cluster Points: The maximum point for any cluster (four subjects)  is 48 points – assuming a student scored a grade ‘A’ in all four subjects (12 *4).  The total points of the four cluster subjects are calculated based on a student’s result slip.

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Basic Aggregate Point: The Basic aggregate point is the aggregate value of the student’s grade. E.g. A students could have an A- (minus) aggregate points between 74  and 80 points. This is usually indicated on the results slip.

Calculating the Cluster Point: 

The following formula is used to calculate the weighted cluster point:
w = Weighted Cluster Point
= Raw Cluster Point
a = Aggregate Cluster Point

There is a table with precalculated Weighted Cluster Points based on the formula above. With this table simply match your aggregate cluster point on the Verticle Axis and your Raw Cluster Points for a given course on the Horizontal Axis and read the Weighted Cluster Point at their intersection.

Please note that this might not be the same formula applied to arrive at the weighted cluster points for KCSE 2023 candidates, however, it gives an idea of the weighted cluster method affects one’s qualification for a given course.

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