Aden Duale Networth: Multi-Million Hotels, Flats, and Livestock

Aden Duale is a notable Kenyan politician who has made significant strides in both wealth and influence. He has had a dynamic political career, initially aligning himself with the ODM party before transitioning to the Jubilee Party led by Former President Uhuru Kenyatta. He is currently Cabinet Secretary of Defense.

Hailing from the North Eastern region of Kenya, Duale has emerged as one of the wealthiest politicians in the area. His success is evident through his diverse business ventures across various sectors, including hospitality, livestock, and construction.

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Aden Duale Livestock

In the livestock sector, Duale takes pride in his ownership of a camel farm located in Balambala Constituency, Garissa County. As a member of the pastoralist community, he holds camels in high regard, considering them symbols of wealth and prestige.

Apart from camels, he also breeds cows, goats, and sheep on his expansive farm in Garissa, rearing them until they are ready to be sold for meat.

Duale Hotel

Duale has also ventured into the hospitality industry, establishing two sister hotels: the Nomad Hotel in Garissa and the Nomad Palace Hotel in Nairobi. The Garissa Hotel, conveniently situated near government buildings and the shopping center offers 67 rooms and provides storage facilities and a safety deposit box.

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On the other hand, the Nomad Palace Hotel in Nairobi, located a few kilometers from the CBD along General Waruinge Street, boasts approximately 95 well-furnished rooms in different categories such as Standard, Superior, and Deluxe, each with its own pricing.

Additionally, the hotel features an on-site restaurant, a cafeteria serving light meals and beverages, and several boardrooms catering to different groups. It promises 24-hour room service, airport transfers, and comfortable accommodations to its guests.

Aden Duale Donholm estate

Apart from his ventures in livestock and hospitality, reports suggest that Duale owns rental apartments in the Donholm estate, although the specific details and ownership cannot be independently verified.

Aden Duale Companies

Duale has also been associated with the Hagar Construction Company, which has been awarded notable projects in the past. One such project involved the fencing of the Garissa Provincial Hospital, with a reported cost of Sh40 million

Duale Networth

Duale while appearing before the National Assembly appointment committee for vetting, attributed most of his wealth to pastoralism where he keeps flocks.

“This is including the assets that I own which include the sheep, and camels. I had to go and value my 231 camels somewhere in Kitui County which brings the total to Sh851 million,” he stated.

From his assets, the former Garrisa Township MP receives Sh10 Million annually.

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