11 Most Disciplined Girls High Schools In Kenya

Disciplined Girls High Schools: In girls’ schools, indiscipline is not a common occurrence because girls are generally more disciplined than boys. They value discipline and respect for others, and they are better off since discipline is valued highly in education.

Discipline is an important aspect of any high school, as it sets the tone for a positive and productive learning environment. Some of the factors that can contribute to a disciplined school include strong leadership, effective teacher-student communication, a clear code of conduct, and a focus on character development.

We have sampled not in particular order a list of disciplined and well-performing schools as far as education is concerned.

Most disciplined Girls’ high schools in Kenya include:

1. Mary Hill 

A girl’s school in Kiambu County that has never failed to maintain the highest level of discipline both in and out of the classroom, resulting in good overall outcomes.

2. Moi Girls Eldoret

With its intolerance of indiscipline, the national school has managed to keep up with other schools, resulting in good marks in all examinations.

3. Kapsabet Girls

The number one girls’ school in Nandi County, where they share the same name as a top-tier boys school. Indiscipline is not tolerated, and when it does occur, the rod is employed.

4. Kianda School

An all-girls private school that values hard work and good grades over indiscipline.

5. Alliance Girls

This is a girl school in Kiambu County that is both spectacular in terms of discipline and has achieved good overall outcomes as a result of the good discipline.


6. Kenya High

Kenya High School is the country’s second most disciplined and highly-performing female high school, not to mention that they perform well in national examinations.

7. Pangani Girls

They have good scores in exams and, not to mention, they have demonstrated strong school discipline, making them role models for others.

8. Nakuru Girls

A top-tier girls’ school in Nakuru County that excels in national exams and is unforgiving of misbehavior.

9. Karima Girls 

A school that places a high focus on education and maintains a high level of discipline.

10. Asumbi Girls

They get outstanding results in both internal and external tests, as well as in national exams, and they succeed in terms of discipline.

11. Limuru Girls

A well-run girls’ school, both in terms of discipline and education. It is a girl’s school that maintains a high level of discipline

In conclusion, there are several high schools in Kenya that are known for their strong disciplinary culture. These schools place a strong emphasis on character development, leadership, and academic excellence.

Some of the most well-known schools include Kenya High School, Starehe Boys’ Centre and School, Alliance High School, Moi Forces Academy, Lenana School, and Loreto High School Limuru.

It’s important to do your own research and gather as much information as possible before making a decision about which high school to attend or recommend.

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