How President Uhuru has Been Helping Dp William Ruto Secretly to Campaign for 2022.

Is Ruto Having a Secret Meeting With Raila Abroad? See What Mbadi Said

Though President Uhuru Kenyatta has kept off the 2022 succession politics, how he has let his Deputy William Ruto talk the way he wants speaks a lot. President Uhuru Kenyatta is enjoying the peace every president in the world yearns for.

He has already subdued the most strong opposition any president in Africa has never faced. President Uhuru diligently brought Raila Odinga to his side and he won’t dare anything of 2022 succession politics unless towards the end of his term.

One would wonder how President Uhuru and his deputy cannot have one say in national matters. President Uhuru said Ruto was involved in the report by nominating three commissioners to Haji led-panel which drafted BBI.

How come Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy are on different pages?. And yet still, President Uhuru has never asked his deputy to tear down his rejection of BBI. It is very clear Dp Ruto and Raila speak secretly, and the president is making Dp Ruto popular.

President Uhuru has only been involved in major functions that pertain to BBI, including its launch and meeting legislators in Naivasha. Uhuru has left all work to his handshake friend Raila Odinga. Why President Uhuru Kenyatta has been so silent on matters of BBI speaks volumes. He minds about his deputy.

He has allowed Ruto to lecture Raila on matters of BBI. He is campaigning for him and he will endorse him in 2022. Have a lookout for surprises.

President Uhuru Kenyatta also allowed his deputy to go round his backyard Mount Kenya region as he campaigns against BBI.if Uhuru was serious enough to block Ruto,he could have and we could have never seen William Ruto campaigning in Mount Kenya region. President Uhuru is preparing his deputy for early campaigns. Next time Ruto visits Mount Kenya, he will gladly sweep all votes with Uhuru Kenyatta’s endorsement.

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And if President Uhuru Kenyatta was serious to block Dp Ruto, he could have reinstated Nancy Gitau and given a mandate to PS Kibicho. Many times the Dp Ruto’s allies have been complaining of the two, Nancy and Kibicho, that they have been undermining William Ruto. It could have been true but nowadays they are nowhere to be seen.

Ordered by President Uhuru Kenyatta to allow Dp Ruto to tour anywhere he wants to go maybe. President Uhuru and Dp Ruto are working together and the more they make Kenyans see they have differences, the more Dp Ruto’s popularity grows.

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