How I Turned My Improved Kienyeji Business from Kshs 20k to a Million Shilling Venture.

Improved Kienyeji Business

Today I want to share with you how I started small and made it into an improved Kienyeji business. I started six years ago with 1,000 broilers on my farm. I was selling broiler meat in my local hotels and in the Nairobi city market. The business did not go as I had planned since most of the time market was not promising, as you know broilers are heavy feeders, and if the market falls you start incurring losses.

While raising broilers i attended an agricultural show and learned about Kari’s improved Kienyeji business and broiler birds. I bought 1,000 chicks and started my dream of becoming a millionaire, the journey was not smooth but I managed to dispose of the first flock within 2 months.

I bought an additional flock, this time 2,000 chicks, and disposed of them within a month. My broiler experience enabled me to succeed in kroiler farming.

Today i brood not less than 1,000 chicks a week, i have constructed different coops that house chicks of different age group.

Below are my trade secrets, that can help you succeed to:

1. Start with the bigger picture in mind, have a growth plan.

2. Disnfectant your coop weekly, clean with water and soap, allow the house to dry and then spray the coop with water mixed with disnfectant.

3. Build several coops and spacious ones

4. Source for market and maintain it by offering quality always.

5. Employ professionals and skilled labour.

6. Give your chicks quality feed.

7. Locate your farm where demand is, me i live in Nairobi but my farm is in my rural area.

8. Develop good rapport with your suppliers, they will give you discount and when you have financial problems they can help you.

9. Love your business and treat it as business, with seriuosness it deserves.

10. Market your house and brand it, i have my company logo and flyers that my sales reps use to market the farm with.

11. Partner with other players in the industry, like next year we will hold a joint poultry exhbition with other industry players.

12. Focus on ane sector at a time, when i started i only focused on brooding chicks from a relible farm, now i hatch my own chicks.

13. Start small and start now, never wait for perfect time.

14. Develop an improved Kienyeji business plan from day one and follow it. However, be open-minded to see new opportunities, like now am planning to start feed formulation.

15. Deliver services to your customers, brand your vehicle, and supply your demand, it has made my farm outstand from other farms. Have a route plan for your van to deliver and create new outlets.

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