Revealed: How DP Ruto Plans to Fix Raila Odinga In order to Save His 2022 Bid.

DP Ruto Plans to Fix Raila Odinga

The Deputy President is looking for all ways possible to ensure that he shall someday rise to power. It is already clear that his boss the president may not endorse him for the presidency in the 2022 election.

Therefore he has already begun to train himself on how to work alone. However, he has to strategize and seek all ways possible to distance himself from anything that can tarnish his reputation Ahead of the 2022 elections.

To begin with, the Deputy President has decided to distance himself from the Jubilee Government’s actions. Recently, though being the second in command, he launched an attack on the Government regarding the misappropriation of Covid-19 funds.

In his message, the Deputy President was glad that he will be no more blamed for the corruption scandal. This is one of the major political strategies of winning the hearts of Kenyans as they will trust that he has got nothing to do with theft and corruption in the country.

 DP Ruto Plans to Fix Raila Odinga

Secondly, the Deputy President has already launched an attack fix Raila Odinga, the former opposition leader. There’s an allegation that Raila may be endorsed by the president.

Therefore, the Deputy President has to seek all ways possible to ensure that his reputation isn’t tarnished. His recent blame on the orange democratic party leaders says it all.

Lastly, the Deputy President has continued to host different leaders. He has organized several prayer events and meetings at his Karen home and other counties. His association with religious leaders could be a great strategy.

It is important to note that those who vote are also Christians. If he manages to win the hearts of many Christians, the Deputy President shall stand at a better position of winning.

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