Hon Mohammed Ali to DCI Boss, George Kinoti, On Dp Ruto Involvement In Echesa Scam.

Hon Mohammed Ali to DCI Boss, George Kinoti

Not all detectives are the same-some play bad cop. KINOTI is playing one courtesy of the ROGUE SYSTEM. My ADVICE to him, Follow the clues of investigation to breakthrough. What you are doing now is ZERO work. The deleted SAFARICOM DATA will make you look stupid. You and I know that it’s only the SYSTEM that is capable of DELETING such DATA.

What’s the name of the person who deleted the data? Who was communicating with KENEI? Who are the white guys? Who did they meet at the DP’s office? Who cleared them at the immigration? Who is the point man at the DOD? Why did you go to the crime scene? Are you the lead investigator? Why was the body ordered back to the crime scene?

Who is giving out the fake MEDIA script to specific police reporters in the newsroom? Any DUSTING report? Where are the other CCTV videos of all the meeting points? You foolishly displayed KENEI’s phone conversations on media before completion of your investigations, why didn’t you publish ECHESA’s and the WHITE GUYS including the Unmentioned ones? Who received the WHITE GUYS at the airport? Which hotels we’re they spending their time?

Who did they meet in those hotels and outside the hotels? I’m not here to defend anyone. I’m simply trying to tell you that you know the KILLERS and you MUST tell KENYANS the truth, which I’m afraid you can’t. It’s too late to recover. The damage is done to the entire DCI detectives. No wonder all your cases don’t see the light of the day in our courts. The COURTS are working, stop blaming them.

Hon Mohammed Ali to DCI Boss, George Kinoti

They deal with facts and evidence, not drama and PR. I’m sorry Bwana KINOTI no one will trust your service again. You are a TOP COP not a WEATHER FORECAST Reporter. The truth must be quite plain.

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To my friend DP WILLIAM RUTO avoid choppers, have additional security, be very careful with your food and drinks, keep an eye on all your cars, go slow in phone communication and if possible carry your own seat to your functions.

All the other options have failed, you spoke of ONE yesterday and that’s the only option they have now. May God protect you.

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