Gor Mahia Player Detained At A Hotel In Nairobi After Incurring A Huge Debt

Gor Mahia

Gor Mahia Ghanaian import Jackson Owusu has been detained at a hotel in Nairobi over a huge debt of Sh600,000.

The KPL champions had booked the Ghanaian at the Jimlizer Hotel in Buruburu since he joined them in January during the mid-season transfer window.

The player now says the hotel management has stopped him from carrying any luggage with him while going outside.

”I am not allowed to leave with anything out of the hotel until there is a commitment from the club that the money will be paid. As at now, I don’t know when this will happen,” said Owusu.

Gor Mahia Organising Secretary Judith Anyango Nyangi has since confirmed the incident, saying that it was indeed true that Owusu had been detained at Jimlizer Hotel in Buruburu after the club accrued a debt of over Sh600,000 due to earlier and current bills.

“Jimlizer Hotel has decided to hold the former Kotoko player hostage until the arrears are cleared,” said Nyangi.

She is now appealing to the fans to help raise Sh40,000 to help Owusu rent a house once he manages to vacate the hotel.

“I urge all our fans to come out and assist Owusu as we battle to see if he will be allowed to leave the hotel. The money will assist in paying rent for three months in advance as we work on finding a way out,” she said.

An employee of the hotel identified as Stanley also confirmed that Owusu was indeed being detained and that the club had already initiated talks with the management on how to get him out of there.

“Yes, we are aware of the case and the manager is handling it,” he said.

Owusu says his persistent pleas to the club to help him settle the bills have previously landed on deaf ears.

”The Chairman (Ambrose Rachier) has always been promising to come on a number of occasions to assist me but he has not been here,” he said.

He says his poor parents back in Ghana got so much depressed after they received the worrying news about his situation in a foreign land.

Owusu says his plight has been worsened by the club’s failure to pay players’ salaries for the last seven months, forcing him to turn to his parents for assistance.

”My parents in Kumasi are not well off and fully depend on me. But I have been forced to turn to them and sometimes they have to travel many kilometers to town so that they can send me something little.”

He has, however, thanked Gor Mahia fans for reaching out to cushion him during this trying period.

”Some fans brought me food on Wednesday and I am really grateful for their kind gesture. Of late, I have had to survive on only one meal per day which is only given out after the attendant gets the manager’s permission.”

Gor Mahia Deputy Secretary-General Ronald Ngala has however asked Owusu to be patient, saying the issue will be handled by the club.

“He should be patient. He will just be assisted,” Ngala said.

It is not yet clear why Owusu chose to continue staying at a hotel when other foreign players David Mapigano and Juma Balinya rented houses. Sources at the club said that usually when foreign players join Gor they familiarise themselves with the environment for even a month then after salary payments, they move out and rent a house on their own.

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