Good News to Those Locked up in the Five Zoned Counties

Good News to Those Locked up in the Five Zoned Counties

Locked up Counties: The third wave of covid 19 spread has really struck with a lot of strength leading to the Dead of many people and also its fast spread has necessitated the government to rise to the occasion and try and deal with it.

Yesterday president Uhuru in his address to the nation came up with unexpected measures to deal with Covid 19. One of the major measures was the zoning of 5 counties where the spread of Corona was highest.

The zoned region had a recorded increase in the number of cases thus it was labeled a high-risk area. the president called for the cessation of movement into and out of the zoned region.

covid 19 Locked up

This has thrown into confusion many people who have been locked up in the zone. However, the good news is that the effective time of imposing this lockdown has been extended for 24hours up to Sunday evening.

This step has been taken as means of allowing people to realign themselves and thus lead to smooth application of the lockdown.

This directives has been released from statehouse by the government spokesperson Cyrus Oguna.

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