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I Held Meetings With Snakes, I Worshiped Demons For Fame and Wealth – Former Footballer Narrate


Former Super Eagles star Idah Peterside has made shocking revelations about his devilish lifestyle and how he used female virgins in a blood covenant for wealth and fame.


His revelation has just confirmed the rumor that a number of footballers in the West African country resort to black magic (juju practice) to get ahead in their football careers.

The former Super Eagles goalkeeper who retired in 2002 made the confessions on a Radio Program in Lagos on Tuesday.

He said his desire to acquire fame and wealth at all cost lured him into the demonic worship. 

Idahside confessed: “It was so bad for me that I even went into demonic worship; I was involved in occultism and people didn’t know,” “I did all that because I wanted money and fame which were not coming. My case was so bad that I used to have meetings with snakes. Mine was top class; it was crazy.”

“What actually took me to the next level in occultism was dependent on the number of women I slept with because my covenant was to initiate women.

“I didn’t sleep with them for love or any relationship; my mission was just to initiate them and move on,” he explained.

“Automatically, every women I slept with was initiated – no argument. I was basically looking out for and sleeping with virgins because it was a blood covenant. You know, blood is spilled when you disvirgin a girl. It was crazy,” he added.

Idahside is now founder and Senior Pastor at Christ Ambassadors Church in South Africa.

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