The Female Bodyguard Who Protected DP Ruto In Narok Today.

Female Bodyguard

A day after attending three funerals in Funyula, Khwisero, and Matungu constituencies of the former Western Province of Kenya, Deputy President William Ruto traveled to Narok County today on Sunday for another set of weekend activities.

The DP had fellowship calls, community and church empowerment programs to attend in Narok and he did his best to honor them.

DP Ruto In Narok Today

It’s during his address at Ntulele shopping center in Transmara constituency of that South Rift county that we learned of a female bodyguard making up his security detail.

Female Bodyguard Who Protected DP Ruto

At the time when the DP was delivering his speech, the female bodyguard could be seen standing on the right side of the podium with her eyes roaming in the crowd which was made up of people in standing and seated states to make sure that everything was running smoothly.

DP Ruto In Narok Today

She was dressed in black like her male counterparts and conducted herself like how any other bodyguard would do during serious business as the DP was speaking.

Female Bodyguard Who Protected DP Ruto

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