Embakasi East MP Babu Owino’s Call On MCSK To Empower Artistes.

Embakasi East MP Babu owino

The youthful and visionary Embakasi East MP,Hon.Babu Owino wrote to the Music Copyright Society of Kenya to request that the body advances due payments to registered artists forthwith. Following H. E the President’s directive for Government bodies to settle pending bills in his stimulus package announced on Wednesday, it is incumbent on MCSK to do so without further delay to allow artists manage their affairs during this challenging time.

He further requested that H. E the President’s directive on cash transfers extends beyond the elderly and takes into account the DJ’s,Waiters,Waitresses,Bouncers
,cultural artistes, Comedians,painters and others who have been left vulnerable by the current state of affairs. The Government can simply track this information from registered entertainment spots and effect monthly payments via MPESA.

This cashflow, however minimal, will facilitate these individuals to take micro-loans to carry them through the next few months as we wait for the coronavirus pandemic to come to an end.

We will get through this, do not give up hope!

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