Inside The Lifes Of DP Ruto’s Secretive Brother David Ruto.

Secretive Brother David Ruto

Kenya has all sorts of people running from humble to abrupt rich households. David Ruto, who is Deputy President William Ruto’s blood brother tells his story. A story of hope and a story of a champion.

David Ruto’s road to prominence as a philanthropist, businessman and a Masters graduate from Capella University, USA began with a challenge some childhood that did not spare even his other 5 siblings DP Ruto included.

In his part of aid, he is a tourist but not in wildlife or natural person. He tours the challenged households all over Kenya, identifies the problems, and directs the identified grievances to relevant stakeholders and leaders.

DP Ruto's Secretive Brother David Ruto.
David Ruto, Caro Ruto: (photo//courtesy)

In his childhood time, he used to walk four kilometers to school. At that time, shoes were only meant for the rich and abled thus of disadvantage to him. This exposed him to any kind of disease and infections which spared him all that time.

David Ruto has one wife known as Carol Ruto and his children has never appeared to the public.

“There were no roads in the village I was brought up in Uasin Gishu…It was a forgotten area in the interior,” he said.

The family humble beginning has however shaped him as a person. In his major career, he is a messenger and has never worked for the Government. Responding to one Media House, he said that;

“I do not work for the Government. I am equivalent to a messenger, I visit any part of the country in a discriminatory as every part of Kenya is important. I witness the problems and speak to the area MP for an amicable solution.”

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DP Ruto's Secretive Brother David Ruto.
David Ruto during Dowry Negotiation

Adding to that, he said that Kenyans need Leaders more than they avail themselves and he does all that not because he is aiming at a political scrap but for the interest of poor and vulnerable Kenyans.

“We just don’t want to see or hear stories from people of problems that they are facing. We are making a visitation on the area to ensure action is taken. Last week (December 2019) we were at the interior of Mathare Slums.” He said.

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