IEBC Deputy Presiding Officers’ Duties & Salary

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) Deputy Presiding Officers (DPOs) are responsible for supporting the Presiding Officers in the conduct of an election. Some of the specific responsibilities of the DPOs include:

  1. Setting up the polling station: The DPOs work with the Presiding Officer to ensure that the polling station is set up according to the IEBC guidelines. They ensure that all necessary equipment and materials are available and that the polling station is accessible to all voters.
  2. Voter identification and verification: The DPOs assist the Presiding Officer in verifying the identity of voters using the Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) system. They also ensure that voters are registered in the correct polling station and that their names appear on the voter register.
  3. Issuing and verifying ballot papers: The DPOs issue ballot papers to voters after verifying their identity. They ensure that the ballot papers are stamped and that voters cast their votes in secret.
  4. Maintaining order and security: The DPOs work with the Presiding Officer to maintain order and security at the polling station. They ensure that there is no violence or intimidation and that the polling station is peaceful and orderly.
  5. Vote counting and results transmission: The DPOs assist the Presiding Officer in counting the votes and preparing the results. They also help to transmit the results to the IEBC headquarters.
  6. Administrative tasks: The DPOs perform various administrative tasks such as keeping records of the number of voters who have cast their votes, the number of spoilt ballot papers, and any other irregularities that may occur.

Overall, the DPOs play a crucial role in ensuring that the election is conducted in a fair, transparent, and credible manner.


IEBC Deputy Presiding Officers’ Salary

The salary of IEBC Deputy Presiding Officers (DPOs) varies depending on the specific election and the location of the polling station. However, according to IEBC, the basic pay for DPOs is Ksh 1,800 (Kenyan shillings) per day for the duration of the election. This means that if an election runs for, say, 13 days, the DPO would earn Ksh 23,400.

In addition to the basic pay, DPOs may also be entitled to some allowances, such as transport, meals, and accommodation. The amount of these allowances may vary depending on the specific election and the location of the polling station.

It’s important to note that the salaries and allowances for IEBC DPOs are set by the commission and may be subject to change depending on various factors.

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