Kirinyaga County: Details of Corrupt and Shoddy Deals That Led to Gov Ann Waiguru Impeachment.


Kirinyaga County Governor Anne Waiguru was on Tuesday, June 9, accused of signing off on various shady county tender awards that resulted to her impeachment.

Speaking during the special sitting, Kinyua Wangui MCA Mutira Ward, detailed several tenders that raised questions of conflict of interest as well as misappropriation of public funds.

“The tender for Procurement of the Governor’s vehicle at a cost of Ksh15 million was irregularly conferred despite the same having being awarded during the previous government.

“This purchase was made using funds meant for the Contractors Retention Account – which amounts to misappropriation of funds and imprudent use of public resources,” he stated.

He went on to detail two tenders awarded in March 2018 to a company registered as Eva Trading Agencies ltd, which he claimed was owned by the County’s Chief Financial Officer’s (CFO) family, Mugo Ndavi.

“Next Mr. Speaker is the tender for Proposed Water Works for Mwea-Makima Project CJK/MOW/OT/038/2017-2018. It was awarded to Eva Trading Agencies Ltd.

“The said company is associated with the family of Mugo Ndavi who is the CFO whose brother, Edwin Ndavi, holds 300 shares, in total disregard of conflict of interest and in furtherance of corrupt and joint criminal enterprise overseen by the Governor,” the legislator revealed.


He further added that a tender for the proposed waterworks for South Gariama Water Project March 2018, was also awarded to Eva Trading Agencies ltd. within the same period of time, thus raising questions of conflict of interest.

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“Another one Mr. Speaker was the tender for the Design, Development, Installation and Commissioning of Integrated Hospital Management Information System.

“What stands out is that this same tender had been completed by the previous county govt but was re-advertised and awarded to Velocity Partners Ltd at a value of Ksh50 million,” the MCA detailed.

He went on to state that Velocity Partners Ltd did not exist before the tender was advertised and that it was still paid in full despite the lack of evidence of any works carried out.

By the end of the sitting, Governor Waiguru was impeached, with 23 of the 33 MCAs in the county voting for her removal.

“I can, therefore, confirm that the vote has met the two-thirds requirement to decide on this question. The I’s have it,” announced County Assembly Speaker Anthony Gathumbi.

The case will now proceed to the Senate for a hearing, with the House tasked with affirming or nullifying the impeachment motion.

Proceedings underway at the Senate during a past session.

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