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“He still lives in his mother’s house” David Ndii Attacks President Uhuru Kenyatta Concerning Waiving of Rent.

David Ndii

President Uhuru Kenyatta and economist David Ndii.

Renowned economist and public intellectual David Ndii have attacked President Uhuru Kenyatta over his remarks concerning waiving of rent.

Replying to a twitter user by the name Sammy Sindikha who had complained about tenants being harassed over rent, Ndii blamed President Uhuru Kenyatta over tenants’ problems with their landlords over rent.

Ndii, who had expected Uhuru to give orders of waiving rent but he didn’t, came out to blast him pointing out that he still lives in his mother’s house.

”Uhuru Kenyatta does not know the anxiety of not knowing whether you will have a roof over your head. He still lives in his mother’s house that Jomo traded with the Aga Khan for the plot where Nairobi Serena Hotel now stands. Socialism for the rich, capitalism for the rest of us,” said David Ndii.

David Ndii

President Uhuru Kenyatta refused to make any official statements regarded waiver of rent in the whole country of even subsidization of the same, something that angered Kenyans a lot.

Many citizens had expected the Head of State to direct all landlords to stop harassing their tenants over rent issue during the coronavirus pandemic.

Many Kenyans have lost their jobs and other sources of income since the outbreak of COVID-19 in the country.

To help curb its spread, the President Uhuru Kenyatta gave out various directives that have since affected the economy.

Many have argued the president to ask landlords to be patient over rent issues but Uhuru came out to note that that rental property is private property which he cannot make orders concerning them.

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