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‘Ruto Should Clear His Name More Than Me Over KEMSA Scandal, Am Clean’- David Murathe

Jubilee PG Meeting David Murathe

The Jubilee vice chairperson David Murathe today reiterated that he was clean and at no time he involved himself with the KEMSA scandal.

He said this after tabling evidence linking some Ruto allies in dubious deals that saw millions of money getting lost.

Murathe proceeded to add that over the years he had never had the appetite to reap from where he had not to sow and thus noted that the one leader he was expected to appear before the committee investigating the scandal was deputy president William Ruto.

David Murathe -KEMSA Scandal

The outspoken leader went on to say that he was not afraid to appear before any committee to answer allegations that had been associated with him because he was innocent. Murathe added that he cared about Kenyans and would not take advantage of them.

He finally noted that it was a matter of time truth was going to prevail and Kenyans were going to be surprised to find out that some leaders who are very close to them will be found culpable.

Attached is a video link of David Murathe speaking:

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