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Cs. Maghoha Behaves Like Any Typical Luo In Power… By Looking Down Upon His Fellow Luos

Cs. Maghoha

John Oyugi was a Kenyan worker, who has paid taxes all his life. He had just retired from KPA and was trying to make his way back home when he got involved in a road accident. He fell sick and within 12 hours, the Siaya govt which has no testing kits for Coronavirus had declared him positive of COVID 19, declared him dead and buried him like a dog in the middle of the night.

THEN out of nowhere, without any provocation, the Cs. Maghoha for Education one prof MAGHOHA tells the world that HE IS A LUO… and speaks for ALL LUOS that he supports how the late OYUGI was buried? Aworo!!

The Enemy Of A Luo Is A Luo In Power

From the days when Tomboya was used to remove Jaramogi Odinga, to Hezekiah Oyugi being used to eliminate Dr. Robert Ouko and recently how Kibaki used Tuju to lock out Raila, the Luos remain their worst enemy.

Cs. Maghoha
Cs. Maghoha

We have so many Luos in govt, others are leaders of labor unions representing workers like the late OYUGI. THEY are silent. It is the rest of us who are standing up to demand justice for the family of Oyugi.


If Oyugi died of Corona… Show us the evidence. Otherwise, like Robert Alai has said, treat the death of John Oyugi, as murder .. and his burial as a conspiracy by top Luos in central govt like MAGHOHA and others in Local govt like Rasanga to cover up a murder of their own kin. Shame.

Article By: AmungaPeter

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