4 Most Common Scams in Nairobi

Common Scams in Nairobi

Scams in Nairobi: Nairobi residents will pull you to the side and tell you that the county is Kenya’s spine of corruption. Not good.

It’s helpful to realize that Nairobi, in the recent past, has witnessed several scams that have robbed millions from the public.

In the belly of the city lies individuals who are minting money from the ignorance of the public. They’ll drive around in high-end vehicles donning fashion-forward outfits. That aside, below are some of the tricks they might use to siphon money off your pocket.

1. Scams in Nairobi: Selling minerals

This platform is crowded with well-heeled individuals who are ready to spend fortunes just to acquire gold or even diamond. The cons attached to this field will pretend to deal in Gold, diamond, and mercury.

The swindlers will initiate a conversation with the targeted victim informing him of the urgent need for money that would in turn help in distributing the ornate minerals.

They’ll further have the victim in the fold by telling him to invest in their business, which according to them would earn him oceanic returns.

Once the victims agree to part with some amount, the swindlers will seize the opportunity with broadened smiles, after which they’ll freeze the ties.

2. Scams in Nairobi: Wash-wash

A pact of Kenyans pretending to be Nigerians and Congolese will approach a potential victim and stir up a conversation. With glitz, they’ll claim to possess ‘UN Dollars’ whose acceptance is guaranteed within war zones.

From their admission, you might be convinced that the dollars bare stamps that offer up leeway for their usage outside warzones. But in reality, the dollars are invaluable as slate.

3. Scams in Nairobi: Caught in the act scam

A dark and decadent woman will invite a man to her residence ready to offer him an exotic and erotic pleasure. The man will yearn to devour the woman in a slippery way. That stated, he’ll bustle to the woman’s home.

In the middle of their lovemaking, the ‘husband’ will burst into the bedroom, dripping with anger. The furious husband will be ready to descend on the man with kicks and blows.

He’ll pretend to be calling the media houses, threatening to leak the information to the very depths of the blogosphere. He might even involve a policeman, just about anything that would oblige the man to sprinkle millions in a bid to calm down the husband.

4. Scams in Nairobi; Selling impounded cars 

A seasoned swindler will approach a targeted victim with a sweetened deal. The con will then notify the mark that there are imported cars seized at the port, however, the owners passed on or failed to suffice the amount of the customs.

With yet another tinge of lies, the swindler will proclaim that such cars are usually destroyed should the owner die or fail to pay the duty. He’ll claim that he knows a person who can sneak out a posh vehicle, one that growls with flamboyance.

How foreigners are conned In Nairobi

Before the swindlers hatch a formidable plan, they’ll identify a target.

They’ll slate to meet the ‘investor’ in regal offices. The swindler will rock Italian suits, bringing his lavish lifestyle to light. For formality, the mark will be bestowed with a security team and allowed access to revered government premises.

Lawyers will be in close proximity, ready to draw a contract. After all this, the mark will be chauffeured to JKIA to see the gold. In here, the money will exchange hands and the investor will be given the elbow room to test the esteemed product.

The group of Scams in Nairobi will pretend to embrace decorum, convincing the mark that the gold will be flown to Dubai using a private jet.

Contrary to the victim’s expectation, the big bubble of corrupt individuals will jet a gold-colored metal to the wealthy individual hailing from Dubai.

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