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City hottest Preacher Rev Lucy Natasha flaunts Gorgeous Snapshot Online, leaves single men salivating

Popular Reverend Lucy Natasha has hit headlines as one of the hottest pastors in town!. Many men have always spent their time “dribbling” over the pastor’s cause of her outlook.

The miracle Monday Ministry Interdenominational founder surprised team Mafisi with a sexy photo of her. She was dressed in a long blue dress that of the Muslim Kanzu.

To the mafisi team : Should know that reverend has always been clear on matters of relationship and quotes

“Yes, currently I’m single and you know also finding the right person. I was in a relationship that didn’t work out because you know sometimes before you really get the ideal person, it takes a longtime but I also believe in what the bible says in ‘Isaiah 34:16 that not one will miss their mate for the mouth of the lord has commanded’ that means there is somebody for everybody,” she once said

Lucy Natasha went on to say that she desires to be a wife, but only to the right man who will be her prayer partner and not her prayer point,

Without any consent in social media groups, Kenyan bloggers have lost their minds over her dresscode forgetting that she’s a woman of the church and she has been in the church.

To those who have lost focus Below are the types of men Natasha talks about.
Solomon kind of a man: “The first kind of a man you don’t want to marry is a Solomon kind of a man.

Because that man will flirt with you, will flirt with your sister, cousin, your neighbor, your grandmother, there are no boundaries. So the Solomon kind of a man is a dangerous man.”

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