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Church Of Illuminati Entrance: What Your Opinion on Their Art Motive?

Illuminati Church Entrance

The Illuminati church recently went viral again because of its exterior design but it will surprise most Nigerians to know that it has a branch in Nigeria.

Over time, the ‘Church of Satan’ has been said to be the branch in Nigeria.

The church of Luminants (Illuminati Church) originated in USA in 2016 and was built at that time. 

The truth is no matter how much controversies the church has raised from that time till now one of the facts that remain undebatable is the great architectural plan the church could boast of.

Church Of Illuminati Entrance
Illuminati Church Entrance

Asides Nigeria, Cameroon and South Africa are some of the African countries where it is branched.

The people that pray in this church are very cool and they believe that they are praying to the real GOD and they always have a good habit of help the poor people in whole over the world.

Church Of Illuminati Entrance
Illuminati Church Entrance

So many Nigerians have argued about this being a sign of the end time even though the church claims to have a ‘good motive’.

The activities of the church of Satan in Nigeria are barely known by outsiders even though the name of the church still sparks controversies in Nigeria.

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