Christina Shusho Biography Age, Music career, husband & 3 kids

Christina Shusho music has resonated not only in Tanzania but also in Kenya, primarily due to her use of the widely spoken Swahili language in her songs. Her music spans generations, capturing the hearts of the older and younger demographics.

However, her journey to stardom was not an overnight success; it had humble beginnings.

Christina Shusho was born and raised in Kigoma, Tanzania. At the young age of fifteen, she discovered her faith, a conviction that continues to shape her life.

Raised by religious parents, she became a part of a church singing group, marking the commencement of her musical journey.

Initially joining the church choir, Shusho later ventured into an independent career, a path followed by a few artists like Rose Muhando, Upendo Nkone, and Bahati Bukuku.

Her debut album, ‘Kitu gani kinitenge na upendo wa Bwana,’ didn’t gain significant popularity beyond Tanzania.

However, her second and third albums, titled ‘Unikumbuke’ and ‘Nipe Macho,’ became instant hits within and beyond Tanzania’s borders.

Following the release of her second album, Shusho’s career took a peak, earning her performances across the region and multiple prestigious awards.

She collaborated with Kenyan artists such as Ringtone, Janet Otieno, and Mercy Masika, producing numerous hits like ‘Relax,’ ‘Shusha Nyavu,’ ‘Akutendee Nini,’ and Nipe Macho.’

Some of Christina Shusho Popular Songs include:

  1. Napenda
  2. Unikumbuke
  3. Nipe Macho
  4. Mifupa Mikavu
  5. Nipe Macho
  6. Ninanga’ra
  7. Wakuabudiwa
  8. Adamu
  9. Nitendee
  10. Kitu Gani Kinitenge Nawe

Christina Shusho was married to a Tanzanian pastor whose name is John Shusho. However, they divorced in 2020 for spiritual reasons. Christina Shusho is a proud mother to three children. Their names are Odesia Shusho, George Shusho and Hope Shusho.

In 2020, rumors circulated, especially in Tanzania, suggesting that Shusho had left her matrimonial home.

Responding to these reports, the singer explained that her actions were in response to a new calling from God, emphasizing that she and her husband had discussed and agreed on the decision.

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Addressing concerns about her reduced public appearances with her husband and the absence of family pictures on social media, Shusho clarified that these choices were part of her response to a divine assignment and had been mutually agreed upon with her husband.

“Ukweli ni kwamba ni assignment tu there is nothing different other than that. Ni assignment tu ambayo nimekuta Mungu amenipa kipindi hiki. Kwa hiyo lazima nitoke niende ku fulfill assignment,” Shusho said.

The singer is set to perform in Kenya in December 2023 after a growing demand from her fans for her performance.


The gospel musician has won many music awards over the years. Some of the awards that Christina has won include East Africa Artiste Of The Year (Africa Gospel Music Awards), Injili Music Awards, and Groove Awards.

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