William Ruto’s children, From The Oldest Nick Ruto to The Youngest Abby.

In this post, we look into the personal lives of President William Ruto’s children, including their jobs, and educational background.

William Ruto’s children have kept a relatively low profile in the public eye, but they have been seen supporting their parents at campaign events and other public appearances. They are also active in charitable work and have been involved in supporting a number of causes, including education and women’s empowerment.

In his inaugural speech as President of Kenya, Ruto spoke about his family and their importance to him. He said:

“I am a family man. I am grateful to my wife Rachel, my children, and my entire family for their love and support. I am blessed to have such a wonderful family. They are my rock and my foundation.”

The Ruto children are a close-knit family and are proud of their parents’ achievements. They are also committed to serving their country and making a difference in the lives of others.

William Ruto is a father to Nick, the firstborn who is a lawyer. Ruto’s secondborn is a daughter named June. She is currently married to a Nigerian man and works as a diplomat.

The third-born child is Charlene. Charlene has made several news headlines since her father became president. She studied Communication at Daystar University.

1. Nick Ruto

Nick Ruto is  William Ruto’s firstborn son who prefers to live his life away from the public, he occasionally accompanies him to his political meetings. Nick Ruto married Everlyne Chemutai in a grand traditional ceremony and was admitted to the bar by retired Chief Justice David Maraga in February 2019.

2. June Ruto

June Ruto is William Ruto’s first-born daughter. June Ruto is a foreign diplomat. She had a colorful wedding in May 2022 at William Ruto’s Karen residence. The ever-glowing first daughter has represented Kenya in Poland. Her Nigerian boyfriend is Alexander Azenagu.

3. Charlene Ruto

Charlene Ruto is President William Ruto’s third-born child. She studied Communication at Day Star University and has been rumored to work as a director of PR at Weston Hotel, his father’s hotel, as the director of PR and branding.

“Today I am a proud father, our daughter graduated from Daystar University. She has made my wife Rachel and I proud. Parents should always strive to support their children in whatever way they can,” Wiliam Ruto stated during her graduation.

Unlike her other siblings, Charlene seems to like the public glare; she often leaves Kenyans amazed by her stylish fashion sense.

4. Stephanie Jepchumba Ruto

Stephanie Ruto is also William Ruto’s child. She also leads a private life. She graduated from Strathmore University with a degree in law, just like Nick Ruto. Her parents attended the 2019 graduation.

5. George Ruto

George Ruto is the lastborn son of William Ruto’s only two sons. He works as a pilot.

6. Abby Cherop

Abby Cherop came to the limelight in 2017 when the President, who was the then Deputy President, was taken to court by her baby mama Prisca Bett. She did her high school exams in 2019 and did well, proceeding to Alliance Girls High School.

7. Nadia Cherono

Nadia Cherono is William Ruto’s last-born daughter. She was adopted by the President after being abandoned as a newborn. William Ruto offered to adopt her and named, Cherono after his mother. Nadia accompanied Rachael Ruto to pick President Ruto’s election certificate after winning the August 9 elections.

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