Christina Shusho Husband, Why They Splitted

Popular Tanzanian gospel singer Christina Shusho has addressed reports of her separation from her husband Pastor John Shusho.

This comes after the Unikumbuke hitmaker and a mother of three left her home and stopped attending church services at her husband’s church.

Word has it Shusho has started her own church, the Dreamer Centre, which is still under construction.

The couple is blessed with three children and has had a rocky marriage, with the husband accusing the singer of celebrity status going to his head.

Christina Shusho has also been spotted on several occasions not wearing her wedding ring, something that has raised more eyebrows among his followers.

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However, the singer has now spoken terming her current decisions as a way of responding to a new calling from God.

“Ukweli ni kwamba ni assignment tu there is nothing different other than that. Ni assignment tu ambayo nimekuta Mungu amenipa kipindi hiki. Kwa hiyo lazima nitoke niende ku fulfill the assignment,” Christina Shusho is quoted by Nairobi News.

She further disclosed her husband had okayed the decision to start her own church.

She further defended her decision not to post her family on social media as often as before as it did not generate any income.

“Siposti picha ya familia yangu sababu haileti pesa. If it doesn’t bring anything why (post)?” Christina Shusho posed.

The singer, whose singing career spans over 15 years, met her husband while performing in his TIG church and became a key member of the choir.

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