Kawira Mwangaza Biography, Education, Age, Husband, Net Worth

Bishop Kawira Mwangaza was elected Governor of Meru County in August the year 2022. She was born in 1973. She’s now married to Robert Murega Rimbera.

MUREGA, The man of my dreams. Am so lucky to have found you my husband, my rock, and my best friend. You make me feel so loved and protected. Thank you for always being there for me…The best thing about my life is sharing it with you. Aki, nobody understands me like you do. I Love you more than you could possibly know. Happy Valentine’s Day Great Favored Man on Earth.

~ Kawira Mwangaza to Murega Baichu


She grew up with her mother after passing on her father when she was young and this forced her to do menial jobs in her neighborhood in order to assist her mother to cater for the daily needs of her junior siblings.

Kawira Mwangaza Former Husband

Initially, she was married to a man called Mwangaza. She persuaded him to take up loans to help her start her own business which did very well eventually. The profits started coming in plenty and soon she was up on her feet.

Before you know it, Kawira later dumped the husband after using him. Mwangaza was left broke and in debt. Depression crept in and almost killed him.

Kawira, later on, met a talented musician called Murega Baichu.

The latter’s guitar-playing skills were used to calm her demons down because at times she would behave like a mad woman. She still does by the way. Reminds me of the story of David and King Soul.

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Kawira eventually resolved that she would have Murega by force knowing very well that he had a young family. Unfortunately within no time, she had her way. Murega abandoned his family for her.

Kawira Mwangaza Education

She holds a Bachelor of Guidance and Counseling from Kampala International University, a Bachelor of Arts in Transformational Leadership from Pan African University, and a Certificate in Human Resources from Makerere University, she attended Moyale Girls, Marsabit County for her high school education; O- levels as well as CCM Ontulili in Buuri Subcounty for her primary education.


Governor Kawira is an accomplished grassroots mobilizer and a philanthropist. Through her personal social Development initiatives, she started revolutionary programs like “Okolea kaana Ka Miiru” which means ” Save the Meru Child” through the myriad of programs that focus on community empowerment through education, lifting the welfare of the marginalized including People living with Disabilities and the poor.

Kawira Mwangaza In Parliament

She unsuccessfully vied for the Buuri Constituency Parliamentary seat in 2013, however, this did not deter her passion and determination to transform the lives of her people.

She later got elected in the 2017 general elections as the woman representative for Meru County, she has been a member of a powerful House Business Committee and the Departmental Committee for Communication, Innovation, and Information.


In parliament, she passed legislation that ensured Meru is well represented and took to task various government institutions, notably the cabinet secretary for education on quality of construction in schools and vocational institutions to guarantee the safety of learners, Cabinet secretary for labor and Social Protection on the Employment list for People Living with Disabilities in government institutions and taken to task government institutions that are geared towards Guaranteeing food security in the country.

Governor Kawira Mwangaza

“I ran as an independent candidate and won with a wide margin. This campaign was different because it was people-driven. I did not spend as much money as I did in 2013,” said Mwangaza.

As an independent candidate, Mwangaza floored Florence Kajuju to become a woman representative and that is where she immediately began her journey to the governorship, utilizing the national government affirmative action fund to make a difference through Operation Okolea.

“I ensured the public resources from Ngaaf are prudently utilized. By being with the people, many urged me to go for the county governor seat in 2022,” she said.

Kawira Mwangaza Networth

Mwangaza goes down the annuls of history in Meru politics as the second woman to trounce political giants to assume a non-affirmative position in the national arena.

Kawira Mwangaza Networth is Over 500Million

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