Karen Nyamu Salary and Allowances

Karen Nyamu Salary: Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu landed a senior role in the Senate after she was elected vice chair of the Standing Committee on National Security, Defence, and Foreign Relations.

Ms. Nyamu thanked her colleagues for electing her and bestowing the honor of leadership in the Senate.

“It is indeed a huge honor to be elected as the Vice Chairperson of the Standing Committee on National Security, Defence and Foreign Relations. This is an indication of the trust my fellow committee members have in my ability to serve in this capacity over and above my role as a senator,” she said in a post.

The nominated senator will deputize the chairperson, Baringo Senator William Cheptumo.

Karen Nyamu was nominated to the Senate by the United Democratic Alliance.

The Standing Committee on National Security, Defence, and Foreign Relations is one of the most powerful committees in the Senate.

According to the Senate Handbook on the operation of committees, the team’s work is to consider all matters relating to national security and foreign relations, disaster reduction and preparedness, home affairs, defense, immigration, and international relations.

It is the only committee allowed to make more than two foreign trips in one financial year.

Senator Karen Nyamu Salary

Ms. Nyamu will take home Sh710,000 monthly as a senator and is entitled to a maximum of an additional Sh192,000 as the committee vice chair.

Committee vice chairs receive Sh12,000 per meeting, up to a maximum of Sh192,000 per month, according to the Salaries and Remuneration Commission.

Chairpersons get Sh15,000 per sitting, up to a maximum of Sh 240,000 per month, while ordinary members receive Sh 7,500 per sitting, up to a maximum of Sh120,000 per month.

As a Senator, Ms. Nyamu shall also enjoy a motor vehicle reimbursement of Sh7,550,000 to buy a car of an engine capacity not exceeding 3000cc.

The vehicle reimbursement is paid to a Member of Parliament once in a parliamentary term.

MPs and Senators also get a car maintenance allowance of Sh356,525 per month.

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