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See How Much Mercy Mwangangi and Other CAS Earns Per Month

See How Much Mercy Mwangangi, and Other CAS Earn Per Month

What CAS Earns Per Month: It has been disclosed that president Uhuru Kenyatta’s Chief Administrative Secretaries earn almost a million shillings which have raised the public wage bill by very far.

According to the Star newspaper Friday’s publication, a CAS Earns around Ksh 874,500 per month which is the basic pay meaning it will go up once allowances are added to it.

“A CAS takes home a cool Sh874,500 a month, meaning that it costs the country about Sh388 million in salaries alone annually.”The Star revealed.

This comes at a time when President Uhuru Kenyatta added up the number of Chief Administrative Secretaries from 29 to 37 after his latest appointments made on Wednesday.

Some of the Chief Administrative Secretaries were also reshuffled and taken to different ministries the best example being renown Chief Administrative Secretaries Zack Kinuthia who was moved from education to Sports ministry.

The addition of extra CASs increased the amount paid to them from the current to Ksh 388 million in a year with all this being met by the Kenyans through the payment of taxes.

See How Much Mercy Mwangangi and Other CAS Earn Per Month
CAS Zack Kinuthia

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