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How ODM Party Wants To Blackmail Uhuru- ANC Chairman

ODM Wants To Blackmail Uhuru

ANC Party Chairman, Kelvin Lunani, has launched new attacks against Odinga’s camp.

According to Lunani, the recent Meetings between the ODM Deputy Party leader (Oparanya) and Dp Ruto is a clear indication that they are Threatening to enter into a coalition.

Hence this is a sign ODM wants to Pester the President Into Supporting Raila. “Also self-evident is the party’s duplicitous Support for the handshake.

It is apparent that ODM never believed in the BBI Byproduct unless it serves their selfishness.” The statement was seen by the star read.

ANC Party Chairman

For the past few days speculations have been rising on possibility of Ruto and Raila working together.

Some key leaders in UDA party have already stop blistering Raila and instead Support him.

Further to his statement, Lunani, wants ODM to be bold enough and name their flag bearer. This comes amid push and pull in Odinga’s camp on who should lead.

ANC Party Chairman

On 31st March, the ODM party officially announced that Raila, Joho, and Oparanya had submitted their Application.

However, ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna would mention that Odinga had not presented his documents and termed it as ‘April’s fool day.

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