Roslyne Akombe Drags Another Big Name To Chris Msando’s Death


Former Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission former commissioner Roslyne Akombe has been on the spotlight since she exposed the threats issued towards her by the former Chief Executive Officer Ezra Chiloba urging her to shut up over ex-ICT manager Chris

The ex-IEBC commissioner Sunday 2 through her official tweeter account alleged that Chiloba had threatened her via na email as she was willing to testify over Chris Musando’s mysterious murder.

Before the 2017 general elections, Msando’s body was found at Muguga Forest in Kikuyu .

Since then Akombe flew out of the country weeks later and has continually promised to reveal the real killers of the former.

On Friday 7 afternoon, Dr Akombe again took to her tweeter account and claimed that Huduma Kenya CEO James Buyekane Muhati was the same person from IEBC ICT who would later testify in Msando’s inquest.

Akombe went on and alleged that systems were being put in place for a repeat of 2017 elections which ended up being nullified by the supreme court.


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