Facts About Yvonne Okwara Co-Wife, Alice Manyola Matole

Yvonne Okwara Co-Wife

Citizen TV news anchor Yvonne Okwara is married to Matole she is happily married and she is always proud of her man, and although she never shares his picture frequently online, when one of her fans asked her why she simply said he is a grown man and he can post himself.

Mr. Matole is 47 years old while Yvonne Okwara is 32 years old. She once gave a story in an interview about how they met. So she had a dog pet and she really loves it, then one day she took it to the veterinarian and that’s when she met him.

After their first meet they connected instantly and exchange numbers and they became inseparable. However they was alittle problem.

Yvonne Okwara

Before he met Yvonne Andrew was married to Alice Manyola Matole and they had 3 children, Linda, Faith, and Emmanuel. He also had sired another 2 children with Maryann Muthoni Waruingi.

Alice had accused Andrew of being a womaniser which led to their separation on December 2014 but they never officially divorced.

But eventually they git married and she is happy now, but later Alice reported hon to his vet colleagues letting them know that he already had children sired outside marriage.

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