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Patrick Ayoyi Ajungu Whose Video Went Viral After Defiling His Niece Deleted His Facebook Account


A video of Patrick Ayoyi Ajungu that has gone viral defiling his niece has left many with a lot of questions.

The guy who is said is from vihiga was alleged to have defiled his niece on Saturday and recorded it during the act. As per his neighbors, it’s said that his wife had left to a chama at amalemba.

Mr. Patrick Ayoyi Ajungu deleted his Facebook account, before deleting his details from the timeline read; he is from vihiga and works in Kericho in certain bookshop wholesalers as an accountant.

His niece in the video is said to be a daughter to his wife’s sister. The trending video is all over media platforms especially the famous Facebook groups like Kilimani mums and dads.

After making several calls the girl finally responded the call today in the morning;

“I’m used to it. He is not the first one. I started it when I was in high school. I followed him and everything was my idea. That’s was not the first day she explained. Stop sacrificing him, I admired his hood after I saw him taking bath,” she further explained.

According to neighbors the girl is believed to have been born in the early 2000s and completed her form four the last year 2018.

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