How to Build Your Parents Super 5 Room House With Ksh 400,000. Look at The Budget and Plan.


Building House: It is obvious that some of us always wish to appreciate the parents for raising us up. This is always a sign of thanks for enabling you to go through the likelihood of challenges.

Despite their low incomes, they have always ensured that you are educated and came up with the best version of yourself. There is the feeling that one thinks of doing in appreciation.

Now, instead of giving them maintenance Cash, it is always better if you do ensure they live in a better house. Despite the less than a million expected, 4000 dollars is likely to bring your mission a success.


Now, this money is always enough to use if we’ll plan and allocated well on everything done. This is something that requires a high level of intelligence to achieve it. You must also be having an extremely experienced contractor. Let’s see how you can budget this.

First of all, you must think of raw materials, this is blocks, sand, cement, ballast, modern sheets, frames, roofing nails, framing nails, and other supplementary materials. Now, most of our parents stay in rural areas.

This gives us an advantage where we necessarily don’t have to buy some things. This refers to trees and blocks. For blocks, find a specialist to use local soil to make some bricks until they are enough.


House Plan

After achieving that, use the mature trees on the compound. You can hire a power saw for cutting the trees down. After that, let your contractor approximate the number of remaining items and their possible price. This may lie between 100 to 150 thousand. This can be acquired from hardware in town.

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After acquiring this, the plan comes next. This is a critical stage and one must be keen. The plan can be set as shown below.

The foundation is raised firmly and walks made. To make it first, use enough Labour for better results. This goes on till roofing is done. The house should be plastered by a professional for desired beauty. The floor is made and after that.

Find a nice feeling probably white. There are high chances you may spend less than 400, 000 at the end. Finally here comes the appearance of your parent’s house all just for a God bless you. Let’s share it with everyone wishing to do it to his or her parents. Let us look at the final structure.


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